Boocoo Diffuser
Ultrasonic Diffuser

Take your time, let yourself rest, have a moment with BooCoo Diffuser to get back your playful mind.

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Water Capacity : 200ml
Run Time : up to 10 hours
Coverage : up to 30 m2
Cover Material : Ceramics
Power : 12 Watt
Voltage : DC 24 Volt
Cable Length : 1.8 meter
Warranty : 1 year
Dimension : 159 mm x 196.5 mm
Box Size : 255 mm x 215 mm x 330 mm
Directions for Use :
  1. Lift off both of the covers
  2. Fill the tank with fresh water
  3. Add 15-20 drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil into the water
  4. Replace the top with both covers (vertically middle downward direction)
  5. Plug the adapter into the socket and press the button under the diffuser

Build various of atmosphere to complete your desired ambience by only pressing the button as needed:

Press 1x : light’s color changes

Press 2x : light’s color stays in one particular color

Press 3x : the light turns off.

Press 4x : the diffuser turns off.