Benefits of Three Natural Aromatherapy Ingredients for Our Body

Benefits of Three Natural Aromatherapy Ingredients for Our Body

Aromatherapy has long been known as beauty, cleanser, and fragrances product that give the harmony between body, mind, and soul. However, it is not just any aromatherapy containing essential oil can provide the absolute benefits. Essential oil comes from natural concentrate of the stems, leaves, and flowers of selected plants that can be beneficial as a treatment therapy and maintain our body health.

Treetment Aromatherapy, as a modern aromatherapy brand focusing on the aroma of nature, uses three unique ingredients, which are Terpineol Oil, Citronella Oil, and Patchouli Oil.

Those three natural ingredients are the important elements that are combined with other natural aroma, such as sandalwood, green tea, bamboo, spearmint, jasmine, etc., so that each of the products brings about the stronger effect when the aroma is spreading throughout the corner of our home and workplace.

Make Use of Terpineol Oil Efficacy to Protect the Body from Fungi and Bacteria

Terpineol oil comes from the compounds produced from pine tree extracts that are believed to be useful in the world of beauty for skin care. Besides, it has properties to protect the body from bacteria and fungi. Essential oil is able to inhibit the appearance of fungi to prevent the inflammation and rash appearance on the skin.

Its natural ingredients are capable of killing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria in our body. Terpineol oil also serves to cure bacterial infections in the nose, ears, throat, and skin injuries. Treetment Aromatherapy realizes the benefits of pine tree extract and creates all its products with Terpineol oil natural ingredients.

The Content of Citronella Oil has been used for Beauty, Treatment, and Perfume

Citronella oil has been used for centuries in Indonesia, China and Sri Lanka as a remedy for reducing rashes, inflammation, infections, and various other diseases. The ingredients are derived from a fragrant lemongrass which is a grass plantation from the mainland of Asia. Its natural scented oil is often used as a beauty product, treatment, perfume, and insect repellent.

Various clinical studies prove that Citronella oil is useful as antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal. Traditionally, it is also used to cleanse and treat the skin from parasites and insect bites. As for some other benefits of Citronella oil, such as: reduce inflammation, cure respiratory infections, relieve muscle pain, and relax the body.

Essential oil also has the most important uses as an anti-bacterial, skin rejuvenation, as well as reducing the stress for people who have breathed in the aroma. Of the various benefits, Treetment Aromatherapy adds Citronella oil as a base ingredient of each product.

Patchouli Oil Gives Pleasure and Relaxation for the Body

The base ingredient of Patchouli oil is patchouli trees known to have high selling value. The content of its natural ingredients is useful as a therapeutic that produces calming effect and creates a sense of comfort. Patchouli oil is usually used for cosmetics, insects repellent, home cleaning products, massage oils, and natural aromatherapy ingredients.

Treetment Aromatherapy uses Patchouli oil as one of the natural ingredients which is beneficial as an odor and cigarettes smell remover at home and in the office. The aroma can stimulate the hormones of dorotonin and dopamine that affect the feelings of happiness and elicits a feeling of relaxation for the person who inhales it.

Those three natural materials are used in all of the products of Treetment Aromatherapy to bring the aroma and nature ambience in the room. The produced aroma can be beneficial to the body health, and the product is a representation of the harmony between modern lifestyle and the natural ingredients’ touch.