Aromatherapy Connects Mind, Body and Soul while Doing Yoga

Aromatherapy Connects Mind, Body and Soul while Doing Yoga

Yoga is not just an exercise, the movement it creates involves our mind, body, and soul. People who love doing yoga believe that their body will be stronger. Yoga can also overcome most of the mind, body and soul problem from diet, concentration improvement to depression. If your body is fit and healthy, the beauty aura of your body will be more stunning.

It is not only going to affect your health, yoga will also calm your mind and invite your soul to serenity. Your body needs relaxation after going through a busy and exhausting life. Yoga brings the serenity into your soul in the midst of your daily hustle bustle routines.

Similar to aromatherapy, the aroma is beneficial to health, mind, body, and spirit. Aromatherapy is familiar among people who love doing yoga and already becomes a must-be-there thing for them. Many yoga practitioners recognize that aromatherapy is useful for making the movement more focused, stabilizing mental condition, improving life spirits, and strengthening the body’s connection with the mind. The inhaled aroma can create a sense of calm and trigger relaxation in our bodies.

The Sandalwood aroma is the right choice of aroma to create a calm atmosphere in doing yoga movement. The ingredients of nature have a remarkable aroma, so it is often used for aromatherapy that is harmonized in yoga movements. Sandalwood aroma of Treetment Aromatherapy can support relaxation, tranquility, concentration, and inner peace.

In addition, several other studies have shown that the aroma made from sandalwood can help to heal wounds, manage anxiety, protect against skin cancer, and fight bacteria. The best way to use it is by dropping aromatherapy as much as 1 ml (about 20 drops) into a diffuser that has filled with 200 ml of fresh water.

Diffuser is very effective in spreading the oil from Sandalwood aromatherapy materials to all corners of the room. It makes us easier to inhale the aroma of aromatherapy while focusing on breathing during the yoga practice.

Yoga is done by focusing on breathing exercises. During the yoga movement, breathe in the sandalwood aroma of Treetment Aromatherapy deeply, feel the relaxation that occurs in our body. Aromatherapy that blends into the air gradually enters the body and keeps a quiet mind throughout the day.

Aromatherapy helps us to calm the soul and mind while exercising mental awareness in yoga poses. From one movement to another, the movement creates the harmony between the body pose and your breath. It is not a secret that yoga is beneficial to one’s mental and physical. People who do yoga will seem to be more patient, calm, and physically look younger.

Yoga can also reduce anxiety, stress, improve mood, and always feel healthy. Even more than that, yoga makes one happy and appreciate their body more. Of the many fitness movement, yoga becomes one of the physical exercises which benefits can sink in both into the condition of body and mind.