The Warmth of Eid al-Fitr by Aromatherapy

The Warmth of Eid al-Fitr by Aromatherapy

The atmosphere of the month of Ramadan is very much anticipated by Muslims, because we will have some spare time to gather and worship with family. We also will have more time to maintain silaturahim with neighbors and relatives when break fasting together and do the tarawih in the mosque. After the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr greets with triumph, joy, and gratitude.

There is no pleasure that can replace the presence of Eid, because we can gather with family and relatives, stay in touch and forgive each other. Thus, it is a day to be looked for, for it has been a long time since the last time we’ve met, apart by distance, and less opportunity to be able to talk face to face.

Eid al-Fitr becomes a big moment for us to appreciate and keep each other’s feelings, while enjoying the serving of opor ayam and ketupat on the dinner table. People show their love and compassion between each other, strengthen the bonds of friendship and kinship.

When welcoming guests and relatives in the day of Eid, do not hesitate to use Treetment Aromatherapy to bring the warmth with the Tuberose aroma in our home. Pour 1 ml (about 20 drops) into the diffuser filled with 200 ml fresh water. Tuberose aroma has an effect of relaxation for nerves, muscles, and brain to them who inhale the aroma. Therefore, people will feel calm, happy, and less angry.

Tuberose aromatherapy comes from tuberose plant or known as Bunga Sedap Malam with its scientific name of Polianthes tuberosa. This annual plant comes from Mexico, but has been cultivated in India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and France. Its natural ingredients can be used as an anti-depressant, anxiety, nervous and depression reliever.

The extract from tuberose can be used to moisturize and make skin look softer. Tuberose aroma also has a heating effect on organs and stimulates blood circulation inside the body to function properly. The aroma can be used to repel insects, get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke, and eliminate odor.

Let’s feel the benefits of Treetment Aromatherapy’s strong fragrance and its diffuser to create a warm welcome in our home; and celebrate the day of Eid after a full month of fasting and feel yourself returning to nature like a newborn saint.

We visit each other, greet each other, and forgive each other sincerely. Get rid of resentment, envy, and arrogance. Open a new page to forget all the mistakes, resentments, and anger that have been hidden in our heart on the day of Eid and feel the victory after a month of fasting in Ramadan.