Aromatherapy to Build Emotional Bond with Loved Ones

Work activities and daily routines often alienate us from those we love, whether they are our partner, family, or friends. We tend not to be able to avoid this condition because of time limitation, exhaustion, and stress which happen in our daily activity. We take the psychological and social risks which are getting heavier from time to time as we’re getting older.   Our circle of friends is getting smaller, grouped by themselves into colleagues, networks, acquaintances, clients, or other groupings. Perhaps instinctively, we only need a small circle that suits us, both in habits and conversation, to share and complain in the middle of the bigger circle’s pressure and drama. However, those emotional needs can be disrupted by our daily routine.


Let alone hang out with friends, to have a quality time with partner is already difficult. Meanwhile, we’re all well aware that we need an emotional safety net which we can find in friends and partner. It means we have to utilize and maximize the short time we have to build an emotional relationship with our partner, family, and friends on the sidelines of our routine. The easiest way to build that is by building a good, or even perfect, ambience and mood while spending time together. No need to bother looking for a new place to gather, the sofa in the living room alone is enough, as long as we’re able to build a positive mood. It is in this situation that aromatherapy has an excellent supporting role for us. Aromatherapy like jasmine, traditionally, has been known by its aphrodisiac which helps us relax, both body and mind. Moreover with the combination of patchouli aroma, relaxation and the intimate time to build positive mood will get stronger.


We can use this moment to initiate a heart-to-heart conversation with the loved ones, in a relax mind and a good mood, our emotional bond will be getting stronger. The step is also simple, we just need to pour 10-15 drops of Treetment Jasmine Aromatherapy into a diffuser. In a moment, the aroma will fill the room and improve our and loved ones’ mood. If we do this routine every once in a while, jasmine and patchouli aroma of Treetment Aromatherapy will be an inseparable part of your room, as well as the positive mood which is built by the aroma. The use of natural scented aromatherapy has been believed for a long time as a therapy media to balance body and mind. By applying it in daily use, we can get to feel the positive effects of relaxation, positive mood, and various other aroma therapy benefits.


This therapy becomes an important element for us to meet the emotional needs, especially in building an emotional bond with our loved ones. That way, the balance of body and mind will be achieved and we can face all the emotional distress with a smile. Sources: