Lavender’s Secret Essence for the Harmony of You and Your Partner

Our daily struggle to get through the city’s hustle and bustle often creates a gap between our body and mind. Works and the tiresome it caused happen to affect the harmony with our partner.


Such kind of routines cut off our time to simply have a heart to heart conversation and build an emotional bond with our partner. No need to question the effect, you know it yourself, from disinterest to disagreement because of misunderstanding. Harmony is an emotional matter, as comfort and serenity. We need the right stimulus to build emotional stability.


We mostly get the stimulus with our partner through a vacation in a place that is quiet, away from the crowd, and close to the nature. However, apart from the cost that is indeed quite expensive, we also barely have the time for vacation, let alone a holiday every weekend. Lavender aromatherapy can be an alternative for you to build mood with your partner.


Lavender is known as an elixir of love, its aroma represents purity, sanctity, and charm. These come from aphrodisiac in lavender which arouses passion and triggers libido. Moreover, its aroma stimulates relaxation in brain and improves blood circulation. The sensation of serenity and the improving blood circulation can relieve stress levels of you and your partner, so that you can build a romantic mood to strengthen your emotional bond with them.


This romantic mood will take more effect on your relationship with your partner if done regularly in order to make it blend with you and your partner’s daily life. This matter can easily be done without having the need of holiday.


With Treetment Lavender Aromatherapy, you can simply put your diffuser in your room and by only just 5-10 drops of lavender aroma in your favorite diffuser, you can already build the romantic mood with your partner. Do this in routine, build your harmony with your partner and feel the benefits. Lavender aroma from Treetment Aromatherapy can help you build the romantic mood that lasts longer. The mists that are produced by the diffuser won’t disappear with the air but sticking to every element in your room so that the aroma can synergize with the room and become the distinctive aroma of your room. This advantage gives you your own relaxation room to release stress and build the mood without having to bother the need of holiday.