Improving Concentration and Productivity with Aromatherapy

Have you ever feel confuse, anxious and difficult to concentrate all of a sudden in the middle of a deadline, either at the office or at home? This kind of situation is indeed often happened to us and we usually consider it as stress symptoms. A lot of work agenda combined with a little time we have in a big and busy city we’re living in has a significant effect on our productivity and performance.


Different from physical workers who prioritize body fitness to meet their performance, mental workers as banker, manager, account executive, consultant, and others need their mental health and emotional stability to be in a good condition to finish their works. We depend on a good mood and focus to be able to give our best performance at work. These are the reasons why building a productive mood and providing brain stimuli that help us concentrate is needed.


A lot of things that can affect our mood. It can be air circulation, range of sight, decoration, music, lighting, and aroma. Of those various stimuli, aroma has an important role as it has a rapid stimulant effect for our brain. Therefore, the use of aromatherapy is essential to prevent anxiety and concentration difficulties at your workplace, both at the office and at home.


When you feel like your mind is blurry, particularly when you’re tired and distracted, you begin to have difficulties to concentrate. Before you brew the coffee for all over again, try to pour 5-10 drops of Treetment Aromatherapy Spearmint, Green Tea, or Tuberose into a diffuser and turn it on in a room with the best air circulation at your workplace. Those three aromas will help you relax your mind and stimulate your concentration so you can back to work in your best form.


Mood is closely related to the concentration we need to finish the works. When something spoils our mood, it will also interfere with our concentration. It is likewise when our mental is tired. It affects our anxiety, unstable emotion, and concentration difficulties. Accordingly, we need to maintain our emotion stability by relaxing our mind. Aromatherapy can be a practical solution for us who have a tight schedule.